Sacrifice some Americans for the good of the country

I recently wrote a post-apocalyptic novella. And while the government is not the center of the story. The government in the story decides to sacrifice some Americans for the good of the country.

Today, due to the coronavirus, I see similarities in the choices our government is making. And from what I am seeing, most citizens are okay with people being forced to stay home while others are forced to work, and it troubles me. It is not legal to have grocery store workers, gas station attendants, etc. risk their lives to serve others who stay home safe. And please don’t tell me all of them are selfless volunteers, because they are not. They are scared and have families too.

If everybody had been prepared to take care of themselves during this disaster. There would be no need for these workers. Everyone could stay home and wait for the virus to die out.

But most Americans were not prepared. And the government has decided to risk some lives for the good of the whole. And It sounds like socialism to me.

Each healthy American should be free to make their own choice as to what they will or will not do during this Pandemic.

If people who are not sick with the coronavirus can have their livelihood and business destroyed for the good of the country. Then buckle up America, because you have just opened Pandora’s box and the politicians/globalist of the world have taken notice.

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