Dystopia Rising – Day 22 – The First Target

Daily blog: It’s January 28th, 2021, and I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If America continues its path toward socialism, democratic countries worldwide should be on guard because their nearest socialist/communist neighbor wants their land.

Freinds of America should support American conservatism and reject the Biden regime. Our government has been filled with people who regularly break our laws without consequence, and they do not care about you.

The first target up for grabs by a communist country is Twain. China recently flew military jets over their airspace to see how sleepy Joe would react. And the results must have been in China’s favor because they just told Twain that independence means war.

Seems China’s little pandemic is going as planned, don’t you think.

Dystopia Rising – Day 1 – As Predicted

Daily blog: It’s January 7th. Dystopia Rising.

As I predicted, groups of rioters were used to discredit the protestors in Washington D.C., and the Republicans used it as an excuse to cave in.

The parties are one, and Biden was certified as planned.

They stole the election in front of our noses and laughed at us while doing it.

These rogue politicians have gained complete control of all three government branches. There are no checks and balances.

Today is Day One of our fall into full-blown socialism. Will Americans come together and right this ship. I’m doubtful. Too many are willing to give complete control of their families over to The Party.

Pray for America. Pray for the world. Dystopia is rising.

Sacrifice some Americans for the good of the country

I recently wrote a post-apocalyptic novella. And while the government is not the center of the story. The government in the story decides to sacrifice some Americans for the good of the country.

Today, due to the coronavirus, I see similarities in the choices our government is making. And from what I am seeing, most citizens are okay with people being forced to stay home while others are forced to work, and it troubles me. It is not legal to have grocery store workers, gas station attendants, etc. risk their lives to serve others who stay home safe. And please don’t tell me all of them are selfless volunteers, because they are not. They are scared and have families too.

If everybody had been prepared to take care of themselves during this disaster. There would be no need for these workers. Everyone could stay home and wait for the virus to die out.

But most Americans were not prepared. And the government has decided to risk some lives for the good of the whole. And It sounds like socialism to me.

Each healthy American should be free to make their own choice as to what they will or will not do during this Pandemic.

If people who are not sick with the coronavirus can have their livelihood and business destroyed for the good of the country. Then buckle up America, because you have just opened Pandora’s box and the politicians/globalist of the world have taken notice.

Orwell’s 1984 or Brave New World, which will it be

In Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, a controlling government uses brutal force, torture, and mind control to keep individuals in line. While rulers in the book Brave New World keep the citizens in line with addictive drugs and pleasurable distractions.

In looking at the world’s current situation, I believe China is implementing their version of a high tech 1984. And socialist in America are hoping to sneak into absolute power by using the Brave New World model.

I hope that young Americas will open their eyes to the dangers of socialism. As for China’s young, their conditioning has been in the works for a while, and new technologies coming online are going to make any rebellion against their government a dangerous one.

In the coming years, total control of China’s young will come with the help of facial recognition, iris scans, geo-fencing, AI, data collection, and more. In this new society, they will be rated by the government on their trustworthiness, their “citizen score” which will follow them wherever they go. Good scores will bring good things, and bad scores will bring bad. Everything they do from birth to death will be part of their score and used against them if they fail to obey the ruler.

The “citizen score” is not science fiction, it is happening today. It will continue to spread across the world if not challenged.

The argument for a Brave New World in America will be the tried and true doublespeak. The new democratic socialist will promise the young everything. They will guarantee them a world where they can pursue their creative dreams without the worries of daily survival. The government will take care of them. No one will be a loser in this new society.

However, it will all be a lie. The first generation under control will live the good life. But, the next generations will suffer the consequences of their parent’s misguided dreams of Utopia.

The truth is there can be no Utopia ruled by elitists because a real Utopia would need no government.

So which will it be, a Brave New World, 1984, or self-reliance and freedom?

Teach your kids well because they will decide.