Why isn't the government taking care of me

Why this, why that? Why, why, why? These are the firsts words that come out of the mouths of people wanting to blame someone else for their own preparedness shortcomings.

My answer to them is this:

Why did you not prepare your home with the items you claim the government should have? All of these items were available before the pandemic.

Why have you not prepared yourself financially for these types of events?

Why don’t you stay home if you feel you are in danger? You will be safe there, and everybody else can make their own risk assessment without harming you.

During any emergency, you are the first line of defense for your household. If you are unable to stabilize your situation, you can call on your local emergency services. If they are unable to help your county will step in. If that fails, the county can call on your state government. And finally, if all else fails, your state can call in the federal government, which is essentially asking for help from Americans, like yourself, living in other states.

We are a country of individuals who are united through our states. Each of us sits at the highest level of government, and everyone in government works for us. How can we criticize them if we haven’t even taken the time to prepare ourselves?

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