Wolfs In Prepper Clothing

For years I have watched survivalist and prepper sites tell people that panicking is the worst thing you can do during a disaster. And yet some of these same sites are spewing panic to make money off of you.

Watch out for wolfs in prepper clothing.

There are a lot of good sites out there, but some could care less about your well being. You don’t have to go broke, getting prepared. And you don’t need to take an online class. All the information you need is available for free on the Internet. Use your common sense when viewing any information, including mine, and you will be fine. Preparedness is not complicated. Start with water, shelter, and food. Then branch out from there with medical kits, weapons, and all the other things people like to have. Get the things you need for your family to survive daily life, and you will be fine.

Your number one prep is your knowledge. Learn different skills as you can, don’t stress out, and above all do not panic.

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