Hometown America – 1000’s of Cattle Die

Thousands of cattle die in a Kansas heat wave. Or was it something else?

With the recent fires at food production facilities and high gas prices, one might think something is up.

Regardless, these incidences show the importance of having independently owned hometown businesses able to provide the things you need to survive daily.

And creating a self-sufficient hometown like this should be every citizen’s goal. Because you never know when a conspiracy might come true.

Hometown America – The Rooster Crows

I visited the Horne Creek Living Historical Farm in Pinnacle, NC, the other day. And I will have to admit seeing a fully self-sustaining farm needing no outside help to function made me homesick for the old ways.

Yes, the work would be challenging, but the freedom and security would make it all worthwhile should today’s modern grid break down.

Some might find a rooster’s crow annoying, but to me, It sounds awesome.

Hometown America – How Long

Ole how our one-party system in America called the Dempubs (Democrat-Republican) love to say they are peace-loving. But their actions always prove differently. Beheadings have returned to Afghanistan, and Russia moved troops to the border of Ukraine. How long? How long before we are at war? How long before our hometown sons and daughters are put in harm’s way by incompetent representatives.