Hometown America – It Worked Last Time

On cue this week, the Dempub (Democrat-Republican) party and other world elites put their new covid strain propaganda machines into action to prepare for the 2022 elections. 

And why not. It worked last time.

In the coming months, they will try to lock you down, scream for universal ballots, fight against voter Id. And most likely steal another election with the help of socialist piglets who will eat whatever slop is thrown at them.

Once fed, these piglets will return to their corrupt mud holes until the day they find themselves in a communist slaughterhouse—I mean processing facility for not obeying the dictator; their dream of Utopia crushed.

Hometown America – Unite

Our DINO and RINO, one-party system, known as the Dempub party, continues their march toward the Great Reset, hoping it will save them from a coming financial collapse of their own making.

Every bad virtue of humankind can be found in these corrupt politicians. When Biden told the American worker, he did not work for him. He was not lying. The Dempub party DINOs and RINOs work for the elite who want to enslave us all.

It is time for us to stand arm and arm with our neighbors united, or surely we will fall.

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Hometown America – The Ability To Be free


A pastor was jailed for holding a church service in which he refused to follow a mandate calling for him to echo the party line regarding Covid.


Biden is trying to plunge people into destitution over vaccine mandates.


People are losing jobs if they refuse to fall in line.

And fear is being pushed online 24/7 to scare you.

Why? Because the technocracy needs a chaotic world to build their vision of a New World Order in which Big Brother really exists.

From George Orwell’s book 1984, The Party will rise, telling you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It will be their most essential command in a new world where writers, actors, painters, and creatives of all types lose the ability to think for themselves. The ability to express their art as they see fit—the ability to be free.

Hometown America – Full of BS

August 28st, 2021

The CDC needs to go back to studying bat shit and leave the rest of us alone. Their new goal, set for them by the Dempubs, is to restart the agency’s gun violence research initiative.

This does not surprise me as they want to treat guns like the Big “C” and convince you it’s best for your health to give up your right to protect. After all, it is hard to enslave people who fight back.

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Hometown America – Jobs

August 26st, 2021

There are jobs available across America, and people are still signing up for unemployment. This makes no sense to me. A country cannot survive with a population of people who refuse to take care of themselves.

There are only two ways to survive in this world. One, take care of yourself, or two, force someone else to take care of you. The latter leading both parties to misery.

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