Lifestyle Centers

Fake towns, lifestyle centers, power centers, whatever you want to call them, they are basically outdoor malls. And it’s interesting to see these shopping malls attempting to replicate the town centers they decimated in the past.

CityNerd’s overview of this is interesting:

2 thoughts on “Lifestyle Centers

  1. It’s so weird and fascinating at the same time. Avast once in a while I take my daughter to one of those in Colorado, about 500 miles south of where we live. I think it would be nice if America could return tho this type of by-gone community villages. A major shift in our paradigm has taken place over the past 3 years, and our future is very uncertain as a whole. We will not be able to bring back this type of past, but then I remember that it’s all evil consumerism and lies anyway. I’ve gotten a good glimpse at the man behind the curtain, and I do t participate in these things anymore because I now know with 100% certainty that I not only don’t need “community” as my family is all that counts, and that this is all just meant to keep us, the cattle, fat and happy and compliant.

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