15 Minute Cities

Are 15-minute cities a good idea? Yes and No. It would be convenient if every part of a city had everything you needed. But ultimately, people in power will use it as a control mechanism.

Get everyone to use transit, and you can control their movements.

Have everyone live in buildings without land, and you control their food supply.

Get everyone to go cashless, and you control their access to money.

I could be wrong, but the man’s chickens in the video below have everything they need, and he makes a good point.

This Is Insane

A teacher who outraged parents with BDSM materials claims it helps kids’ identity development. This is insane, and the teacher should be fired. But she has not. Why? Had this been a straight male trying to teach his kids about his sexuality with sexual materials, he would have and should have been fired.

Teachers, keep your sex life at home because nobody cares what you do in private, But exposing it to our kids, that’s a different story.

No Class Teacher Article


What if you had an enemy that knew everything about you. Pictures of your face. Your fingerprints, DNA, and medical records. Emails, spending habits, fears, and desires. Your private conversations. All locked up in a database to use against you when needed.

Now imagine it was all true and come up with a word to describe your feelings. I’ll bet SAFE is not one of them.