Hometown America – The Headlines

The headlines for September 13th.

“American Economy Better Than You Think”

If the news media has to tell me the economy is better than I think. Then the economy is in the shitter, is what I thinks.

“LOSING FAITH: US National Dept Could Have Serious Implications For Average American”

Wrong, A $31T and growing debt will have serious implications for ALL Americans.

“Hillary Clinton Claims ‘No One Is Above The Law'”

“I just saw your eyes roll”

Well, that’s it for today. Stand strong, hometown America.

Hometown America – Dempubs

The Dempub (Democrat-Republican) Party of the United States of America caused gas prices to rise 4, 5, 6, 7 plus in some areas. Then worked to bring it down by a dollar right before the midterm elections so media outlets could report, “Lower Gas Prices Helping Midterm Candidates.”

Sadly, many Americans will fall for this and praise the Dempubs for lifting their boots ever so lightly from our American necks.

The people hold power in America, but we are letting our representatives behave as if they do.