The Cleanup

July 5th, 2021

Another 4th of July party has come and gone in my hometown, and the cleanup begins at my house.

We had a great fireworks show, with some people liking the multi-shot cakes while others preferred the bigger single-shots.

Looking around, I can still hear the laughter of small kids splashing at the water’s edge along the boat ramp while older ones play corn hole. Two brooding fifteen-year-olds hung out at the end of the pier, being too cool to get silly these days. A phase we all go through as teenagers.

The conversations under the shade tree varied throughout the day, with some talking about a cruise being planned for next year while others engaged in an ongoing engine repair job that needs to be completed on an old 1984 pontoon. One of these days, we might get around to doing it. But things happen slowly here in the south.

The night ended with some adults acting sillier than the kids due to a frozen drink machine, but all was well with drivers standing by.

I hope your family had a great weekend as well.

God, I love this country!

One thought on “The Cleanup

  1. As I go about my day thonking on the weight of what our founding fathers were going to do, knew and pondering the profound cost of those who decided to put their words to ink and by signing that document, would most likely cost them their lives and livelihood?

    The question now is; are we as prepared

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