False Alarms

Daily blog: It’s May 7th, 2021.

In cities and towns across America, citizens lay awake at night, concerned over the corruption that has embedded itself in every facet of their lives.

It’s the real story of 2020, 2021.

And the nightly news continues to throw out one false alarm after another to cover it all up, hoping to distract us.

“Look here, look there,” they say to turn our attention away from the latest political hack who got caught red-handed.

I rarely turn my television on these days; with the mindless banter turned off, all is well. But still, like so many others, I lay awake at night worrying about the future of our country.

Like so many others, I am ready for the corruption to end.

One thought on “False Alarms

  1. I too feel a great deal of angst over the downward spiral that this nation is experiencing.

    The single largest victim that I see today, is the Truth.

    Our politicians, and our media, have lost any fear of being branded a liar.

    They can slander and defame the best of what this country has to offer, without any fear of any retribution for their crimes.

    Until those in power are made to pay for their lies, their slander, and their defamation, along with other blatant violations of their oath of office, nothing will change beyond the further decline of this nation.

    This country is morally bankrupt.

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