We are not a country of cowards

Today there are large numbers of people frozen in fear as their lives crumble around them. They justify their anxiety by saying, “The government said to be safe, I should stay home.”

Well, there is a problem with that advice. You will not have a home to stay in if you continue to listen to them.

Yes, there are dangers out there, but there is a larger danger waiting for you if you don’t regain control over your life. You have to accept certain levels of risk, or you will die. Think about it, if people were not out there taking risk, those hiding in fear would not be able to stay home in the first place.

Can you imagine where we would be today if our ancestors hid from every fear they faced? It was their bravery that made this country great. It is ours that will keep it great, and our kids who will continue to move on in the face of fear. We are not a country of cowards. At least I hope not, but I will admit, sometimes it looks that way.

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