Shift – Love

Continued from scene fifty-two

Seeing Doc’s car by the front door had us scratching our heads.

“That bush has seen better days,” said Robert stepping up to the doorbell.

After a few rings with no answer, Donnie suggested we kick it in.

“Might want to try turning the knob first,” replied Jeff. 

Which he did, leaving him a little red-faced.

“Doc! You in here,” yelled Robert as we let ourselves in.

“Donnie, you and Jeff check the rooms to the left. Christian, follow me.”

After an extensive room-to-room search, we finally found him in Kate’s cell, passed out among several liquor bottles.

“That’s an interesting look,” said Jeff. “And I don’t think Kate would approve of us all standing around looking at her birthday suit. Nor would my wife.”

As we lifted him into bed, I told the others of his Love for her, and they all promised to keep it to themselves.

“Linda.” radioed Robert. “Doc is sick and says he wants to be left alone.”

“Do you want me to send Nicky over?”

“No, he’s good.”

“Okay, we’ll just end the meeting early then. You guys are free to go home.”

Outside, I watched as Donnie drove Doc’s car off the bushes and thought, Love. It can make us happy or sad, yet we all long for it regardless of the outcome.

“Christian, Darrel wanted us to come by the barn after the meeting. Said something about needed some help sense we got one of his employees killed and all.”

“Alright, let’s go. We don’t want anything to happen to those cows.”

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Shift is an online work of fiction.

This is the first draft of my manuscript Shift – Don’t judge a book by its cover. I am writing it online in sections as I go. So feel free to comment, good or bad. If you see mistakes, point them out.

The story centers around shapeshifting.

I’m currently working on chapter nine.

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