Six types of people commenting on the Novel Coronavirus

The Wes – These are the people who know what’s best for you. Because you know, you’re too stupid to think for yourself.
We don’t want you to panic.
We have everything under control.

The “Jokers” – Ah yes, the jokers, those friendly people holding the Carona beer and laughing. Thanks, guys, that should lift the spirits of the sick and dying.

The “Experts
It’s right there on the Lysol can ‘coronavirus’. I told you it was not new. They’ve known about it for years.

The “Parents” – Yep, you are a sloppy bastard and need their guidance.
Now, you make sure to wash your hands and cover your mouth.

The “Doomers
I told you sumbitches, now get out of my bunker before I put this corona bullet in your ass.

And finally, the “Enforcers” – These people say things like, “Leave them in China, it’s too dangerous to bring them back.” Unless, of course, it’s one of their family members.

I guess I’m a joker for writing this, but it had to be said.

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