If you need seeds, check out this non-profit seed exchange.

Seed Savers Exchange is a community of gardeners and seed stewards, sharing and swapping rare seeds you might not find anywhere else.

Gardeners like you, from around the country, offer seeds they’ve grown (“homegrown seeds”) through the Exchange facilitated by Seed Savers Exchange, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving and sharing heirloom seeds.

Participants in the Exchange have saved thousands of rare heirlooms from extinction by connecting with new seed stewards to carry on seed saving traditions to the next generation. You can help preserve America’s gardening heritage for future generations by joining. The more people that participate, the stronger it will be.

Anyone can browse the Exchange, but you must create a free account on the Exchange to request or list seeds. Exchange community members offer thousands of homegrown, heirloom and open-pollinated seeds to other members. And all of the seeds provided by listers are open-pollinated and non-hybrid. If you grow these seeds into mature plants, the plants will produce seeds that you can harvest and plant again next year.

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