Beelining is a skill used to locate wild bee colonies

Beelining was a serious occupation in Appalachia back in the day, where it was used to obtain honey, and sometimes to capture wild colonies for domestication. 

Today people still practice this skill, and I think it would be a useful skill for preppers to have as well.

The word “beeline” comes from the belief that nectar-laden bees return to their hives in a direct line, and the definition of the word means: to go quickly in a straight direct course.

To find colonies, one has to capture and mark foraging worker bees in a box. Then release them from various points to establish (by elementary trigonometry) the direction and distance of the colony’s home.

If you would like to learn more about beelining, I suggest listing to the free audiobook “Bee Hunting” by John Ready Lockard (1858 – 1925).

You can also watch this video by Charles Wascott.

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