One world government, conspiracy or slow-moving social disaster

Is the push toward a one-world government, a conspiracy or slow-moving social disaster?

The truth is there has always been a push toward a one-world government. And it all started with the first group of people who worked to consolidate lands under their control. Many ancient civilizations like Rome expanded and failed as they ran out of money and blood, trying to accomplish this.

Today, the idea of a one-world government refers to a central government whose authority extends across the entirety of this planet. The idea is generally that the many countries of the world would join together in a federation under one central government.

And oh, how convenient that would be for the corrupt of our day? Under a one-world government, the number of politicians they would have to pay off and thus control would shrink, fortifying their power.

The only thing standing in their way is the will of free people who refuse to let it happen.

But the tide does appear to be changing in their favor due to generations of kids being slowly transformed into obedient followers.

Follow that with the creation of a weak underclass, and the chips start to fall into place for wealthy elitists who promise to give them a socialist utopia in which they no longer need to work. In this one world utopia, they will be free to play video games, play music, paint and enjoy the arts.

What could go wrong, right?

The most common proponents of this idea adhere to “liberal internationalism.” Commonly, they believe in a strengthened United Nations evolving into a world government. It is frequently suggested that the UN be supplemented with a directly elected parliamentary assembly, to give the UN authority independent of member states. They support international law as paramount over national law and see it evolving into a single global legal system, with individual citizens having direct access to international courts with the power to overrule national legislation.

Another viewpoint believes that world government must be preceded by a continental or regional government. This viewpoint supports the strengthening of the European Union and the duplication of the EU model in other regions of the world. It looks to the EU as one of the most advanced states of supranational integration in the world today. Once the world has been organized into regional or continental governments, then a world government can be established as a federation of these regional governments.

I think we can clearly see both views being played out today in the United Nations and the European Union. Just this week, German Chancellor Angela Merkle, along with France, backed the emergence of a European army. It sounds like they want to turn the EU into a country they control to me. Hopefully, the United Kingdom will be able to escape the controlling grip of the EU through Brexit before it’s too late.

Not to be outdone, the UN is trying to take control of the world’s immigration laws. Dick Morris describes their attempt to do this in his video “UN Tries To Grab Control Of Immigration!” 

So, is the one-world government theory a conspiracy? No, it is not. The corrupt, greedy men and women of the world would love to see this come true.

If it does, it will be a disaster for all but the view at the top. A tragedy that will only end when your grandkids rise up and fight for the freedom that was lost so that their weak, lazy grandparents could freeload on the backs of others.


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