The 3 U’s, Upkeep – Update – Uncompress

You’ve got your basic survival, bug-out, vehicle, and location kits, so you’re done, right? Wrong! You still need to schedule The 3 U’s because disasters don’t strike every day, and your survival kits are likely to sit for months or even years unused.

Upkeep your gear. Cleaning and making sure your equipment is in working order will ensure it stays usable.

Update your gear. Things expire, batteries, food, MEDs, etc. all go bad at some point. Making sure they are up to date will eliminate any surprises when disaster strikes.

Uncompress your gear. Things tend to get a little squashed when packed in your kits. Sleeping bags fill this effect the most. Make sure to take items like this out of your kit from time to time and let them uncompress.

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