Survival kit, how to make one for your family

A survival kit is a package of basic tools and supplies prepared in advance as an aid to survival in an emergency, and come in a variety of sizes.

●      An everyday carry kit is small and can be carried with you.

●      A daypack (GHB) kit is small, meant to get you home.

●      A Backpack (BOB), is only limited by the weight you can carry.

●      A Vehicle Kit is a survival/auto repair kit combination.

●      A Location kit is large and used at home or a bug-out-location.

To make your kits, start by building your everyday carry kit first, then start on your (GHB) kit and so on. Create kits that you like by looking at each item and deciding on the ones that will work best for you. Increase the number of supplies for larger kits.

Basic Every Day Carry


Fire Steel

Fish Hook




First aid kit

Basic Get-Home-Bag

Basic everyday carry plus:

Purification tablets or microfilter



Tube tent

Emergency blanket

Small medical kit

Cooking Kit

Hygiene kit

Rain gear


Solar/Dynamo radio

Self Defense Weapon


Basic Bug-Out-Bag

Basic get-home-bag  plus:

Backpacking tent

Sleeping bag



Large medical kit

GPS + Paper Maps


Two-way radios

Also Recommended – Portable ham radio

Basic vehicle Kit

Basic get-home-bag  plus:

Flat tire kit

Tools + Electrical kit

Jumper Cables

Extra clothing

Basic Location Kit 

Components of all three of the previous kits plus:

Small generator

Small solar panels



Cast Iron cooking kit

Construction tools


Cleaning supplies

Note: These are the basics, add what you need, and always duplicate items when you can. You should always plan as if a third of your supplies might fail.

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