Dystopia Rising – Day 71 – The Headlines

Daily blog: It’s March 18th, 2021.

The Headlines:

Columbia Univerity hosting six separate graduation ceremonies based on income level, race, ethnicities.

MLK must be shaking his head in disgust.

Defense secretary warns North Korea that U.S. forces ready to ‘fight’ tonight.

Yep, we’re back at it with little Kim again, except this time, he has the advantage against our senile president.

Iran has built new ballistic missile launch positions, satellite images show.

Why not? The Uniparty probably funded the whole thing with all that Obama cash.

Dr.Siegel: We knew last summer that coronavirus didn’t spread in schools but kept them closed anyway.

They had to; it was all part of the steal the 2020 election plan. And it worked.

Sister of fallen LAPD officer says it is ‘scary’ to live in L.A. right now.

It’s getting scary to live in anywhere. Corruption rules the day as it does in Congress.

And that’s it, that’s your headlines for Thursday, the 18th. So I’ll leave you with this thought:

Depopulate the big cities and repopulate our small towns with common sense people. These cities are jeopardizing the very fabric of our country.

Dystopia Rising – Day 38 – Save Your Town

Daily blog: It’s February 13th, 2021, and we need to save our towns. As the media blowup over Covid19 comes to an end, one thing will be obvious. Big business and franchises were favored, while independent companies were not. And I don’t think it was by accident. Having said that, as consumers, we have control over where we spend our money, and it is up to us to save our towns.

Let the franchises have the interstate exits, but never give up your town. Support your local businesses, farms, and craftsman. They are essential to your survival and your freedom of choice.

On my video channel, I walk through some of these towns. And many have lost businesses due to what I believe to be unfair and unlawful mandates.

You can watch my walking tours on Rumble or Youtube.

“In America, a small business is a big deal.” – Bob Beauprez

Dystopia Rising – Day 36 – Scared Little Rabbits

Daily blog: It’s February 11th, 2021, and the federal government is out of control, hungry for more power.

They want to centralize control in Washington, but the power lies in our states and the counties within.

To combat this problem, they are trying to gain control of each state’s large cities. And the scared little rabbits that dwell there.

That’s right, while most Americans raised self-reliant kids, a large portion has not. And the results of this are most prevalent in our cities. 

These kids, I call scared little rabbits, were hovered over, tracked, and watched by their parents. Then they went on to school, where they were trained to hate America and themselves.

Instead of learning new skills to help them survive independently, they were immersed in gender studies; no he or she anymore. What do your parents know about sex?

Their parents are stupid, they were told.

The world is dying, they were told.

The government knows best, they were told.

As adults, these clueless kids want Uncle Sam to care for them. They have no problem being told what to do or being locked down for their safety. After all, they were trained to do so in school.

From the safety of their high rise hutches, they cower, tapping away on their phones for someone to bring them food.

Folks, it’s time to depopulate the cities by calling your kids home. You need them, and they will need you as the truth of socialism continues to show its ugly head.

“In a big city you become a ghost; you walk on the crowded streets and realise that you are a kind of transparent entity; an indistinct being, a thing which is not something!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

Dystopia Rising – Day 34 – Small

Daily blog: It’s February 9th, 2021, and 3 out of 10 small businesses could close by the end of the year. The corporate elite’s plan to crush the competition is going as planned.

They already have control of every interstate exit from sea to shining sea, but they want more. These corporate titans are no different than their railroad predecessors; they want it all. And our so-called representatives seem all too willing to help.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against big business, but I am against big companies who want to crush any competition.

Lowes and Home Depot are crushing small-town hardware stores.

CVS and Walgreens are crushing small-town drug stores.

And the franchises formed along our interstate highway system is crushing small-town restaurants.

We can not let this happen; there are opportunities in small-town America for individual businesses to open, and the towns should help them.

The day of big box stores is over as more people shop online.

Small businesses can fill this void by revitalizing our small towns; people still want a place to shop and eat with their friends.

In small towns as well as large, good people outnumber bad people by 100 to 1. In big towns, the 100 are nervous. But in small towns, it’s the one.

–Paul Harvey

Dystopia Rising – Day 8 – Buy Local

Daily blog: It’s January 14th, and today I visit Lexington, North Carolina. It’s beautiful, and I hope it remains that way over the next four years. Come along for my thoughts and a walking tour of my home town.

We must protect our towns and help revive others who have fallen on hard times. The cities as well, because they have become overrun with corruption.