Hometown America – Safe

What if you had an enemy that knew everything about you. Pictures of your face. Your fingerprints, DNA, and medical records. Emails, spending habits, fears, and desires. Your private conversations. All locked up in a database to use against you when needed.

Now imagine it was all true and come up with a word to describe your feelings. I’ll bet SAFE is not one of them.

Hometown America – None of Their Business

Daily blog: It’s May 15th, 2021.

This week Biden canceled a ‘Garden of Heroes’ project. Meanwhile the world around him is disintegrating into one big Dempub mess.

Is this what most Americans wanted? No, most Americans did not vote for him.

In other news, the CDC said you don’t have to wear a mask anymore, but some stores say they may only let vaccinated people in.

My question is, how will they know? My medical records are none of their business.

Dempub (Democrats Republicans)