Hometown America – Patriots

The Overmountain Men

On October 7, 1780, the battle between Major Ferguson’s British troops and the Overmountain Men took place at King’s Mountain, South Carolina. The Overmountain Men used silence and stealth as they ascended the ridge of King’s Mountain to surprise the enemy.

The battle lasted only an hour. Afterward, over 200 British soldiers lay dead, including Major Ferguson. Another 160 were wounded, and roughly 700 prisoners had been taken.

Yes, Patriots turned the tide of the revolutionary war, leading to the freedom that many take for granted today.

Day Zero – Pray for The Republic

Daily blog: It’s January 3, Sunday. Pray for the Republic. Pray for those marching in Washington, D.C. on the 6th, because the socialist media outlets are trying to destroy us.

They are encouraging hate groups from all sides to go into Washington, so the whole can be blamed for any unrest they cause.

If the protesters get attacked, their talking heads will edit coverage to make it look like the attackers were attacked.

It’s the socialist way.

Hitler utilized an unofficial army of thugs, known as the Sturmabteilung, to intimidate German citizens.

In Russia, Stalin ushered in a new normal by using youth groups to intimidate.

And China’s Mao used gangs known as the Red Guards to attack citizens who disagreed with him.

It all sounds too familiar, doesn’t it?

Pray for the Republic; your children’s freedom is resting on your shoulders. Do not let them down, and join us if you can.