Shift – Age of Chaos

Continued from scene fifty

Doc never missed a meeting. If anything, he was early.

“Lets’ go ahead and start without him. Robert, can you fill us in on Echo’s departure while we wait?” asked Linda.

“Sure, no problem. As you all know, Echo and her beloved partner Borya were scheduled to board a plane last night in Atlanta, headed for Russia. And I am happy to say all went smoothly. My team reported no problems with airport security.

“Now, I know some disagreed with our decision to send her home. But Karen, Linda, and I believe it will give our voices more weight when we attend the Gathering of Chiefs in November. Where I have been told, in no short terms, the Ghosts tribe will be held accountable.”

I was stunned by Robert’s revelation. Karen had not informed me of this. How would they be held accountable? What happens if they are not? My eyes twitched as I thought of our baby and the chaos it would bring if things fell apart.

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Shift is an online work of fiction.

This is the first draft of my manuscript Shift – Don’t judge a book by its cover. I am writing it online in sections as I go. So feel free to comment, good or bad. If you see mistakes, point them out.

The story centers around shapeshifting.

I’m currently working on chapter nine.

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