Shift – The Box

Continued from scene thirty-four

Chapter Seven

“What time is it, Donnie?”


“Mick, you heard from Peter?”

“Yes, sir. Borya is in the barn.”

“Christian, any last-minute memories pop into your head we need to know about?”

“Remember the girl from Borya’s hometown? I think she’s here with him. Her name is Echo.”

“Donnie, did anyone come in or out of Cathy’s house last night.”

“No, sir.”

“Then we’ll have to assume she’s embedded herself at another location. Let’s move.”

I went through the window first and opened the back door. Once inside, we moved on to the basement while Donnie stood guard outside. Robert picked the lock, and we were in without a hitch. The relief on Cathy’s face when we opened the soundproof box was overwhelming. She had been in there for over a week. Only receiving food and water once a day, along with a diaper; the old ones thrown out in the exchange.

“Thank God you found me. Did you kill the son of a bitch?”

“No, we need time to flush out his accomplice, so let’s go. Mick is going to shift and take your place, so he doesn’t get suspicious.”

“You can’t do that to Mick. I’ll stay; just make sure you get him.”

“I can’t leave you here. You’re too weak, and Doc’s waiting on you. So go behind the curtain, and throw out your clothes.”

After a few minutes, Mick was dressed as Cathy. “What do you think, Robert.”

“You don’t match. Cathy has lost weight. Make contact with her and update.”

“Stick your hand through the curtain Cathy.”

A shifter’s database of bodies remained the same as when touched. Only growing older when the body is used. Mick had not made contact with Cathy in months.

“That’s better. Now get in; we’ll be back after the meeting.”

Cathy cried at the sight of herself being locked in the box. A frail body mirroring her own.

“Christian, send an encrypted message to Karen telling her we are on our way.”

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Shift is an online work of fiction.

This is the first draft of my manuscript Shift – Don’t judge a book by its cover. I am writing it online in sections as I go. So feel free to comment, good or bad. If you see mistakes, point them out.

The story centers around shapeshifting.

I’m currently working on chapter nine.

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