Shift – Blanket

Continued from Scene twenty-seven

“This is not going to end like The Cast of Amontillado, is it, friend.”


“Nothing,” I replied as I followed the old man down a dark shaft lit only by his headlamp.

“This is one of many escape hatches you’ll find throughout the property,” he said from below.

“Why so deep?”

“Eric Hall, the man who designed all this, needed the entire complex at a certain depth for his security blanket to work.”

“And what exactly does this blanket do?” I asked, stepping off the last rung.

“It prevents government satellites from detecting our underground compound. I think a lot of people would be surprised by the power they have over our heads.”

“How does it work?”

“Your guess is as good as mine. I’m a farmer,” he replied as he disappeared through an oval doorway.

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Shift is an online work of fiction.

This is the first draft of my manuscript Shift – Don’t judge a book by its cover. I am writing it online in sections as I go. So feel free to comment, good or bad. If you see mistakes, point them out.

The story centers around shapeshifting.

I’m currently working on chapter nine.

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