Shift – Isabella

Continued from scene twenty-four

“Christian, come stand by me.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, placing my hand on her shoulder.

“Our baby won’t look like me.”

“Of course, it will.”

No, it won’t. I got pregnant in Isabella’s body. That’s why Keith called the other day. He told me what I already knew, but I was hoping—.”

“Hoping what?”

“That he would tell me I was wrong, that if I shifted early in the pregnancy, everything would be okay.

“I should have never gotten pregnant. I knew the risk, but wanted to be with you. So I convinced myself to use my own birth control pills in her body. A mistake I can’t take back.”

“What are you saying? Do you want an abortion?”

She looked up sharply. “Never, The baby will be of me. But the physical traits will be Isabella’s. I’ll just have to live with that.”

“I’m so used to seeing you in this body it never crossed my mind that the baby would not look like you. I’ll see you in our baby’s face regardless. Remember what you told me the first time we made love?”

She paused, then said, “I do,” in a standing embrace. “And thank you for reminding me; you could not have chosen better words. You’re going to be a great father, you know that?”

“Husband too. And we should probably move up the wedding. Don’t you think?”

“How about October 31st? I can’t wait any longer.”

“My favorite month and a halloween wedding. I’m in.”

“I need to call Linda. We have a wedding to plan,” she said excitedly.

“I imagine shifters have sex all the time in different bodies. What happens if they get pregnant and shift?”

“The baby ceases to exist. And to answer your actual question. You would have never known, but I could not bear the thought of losing our little girl.”

“It’s a girl?”

She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. “Yes, It’s a girl.”

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