Shift – Our Tribe

Continued from scene eight

She returned around three o’clock to find me asleep on the balcony, my eyes opening when she laid her head on my shoulder.

“Where have you been?”

“One of our tribe members had an issue.”

I’ll have to admit it felt good to hear her say ‘our tribe.’

“Are they okay?”

“For now. A shifter named Jill Hansen got arrested for a warrant after a facial recognition scan. The damn things are everywhere these days and causing a lot of problems for us. Seems the body she was using got into some kind of trouble.

I bailed her out, and she switched to her original. So there’s no chance of her getting picked up again. But the cyber team will have to monitor the situation.”

“We have a cyber team?”

“At some point, they’re going to find out the original body of Becky White was in Alaska at the time of her arrest. And that’s going to be hard for the North Myrtle Beach Police Department to explain. In the past, they would cover up such a thing. But there has been a re-awaking over the last few years. And people are starting to believe in the supernatural again, causing some to ask questions.”

“Isn’t shifting supernatural?”

“No, it’s as natural as breathing. Every human used their shifting ability in the past as a means of survival. But the plague changed all that. There was an attempt to re-engage the others during the reign of Atlantis before it sank. But the following centuries were devastating, and our numbers fell once more.”


Continue to scene ten.

Shift is an online work of fiction.

This is the first draft of my manuscript Shift – Don’t judge a book by its cover. I am writing it online in sections as I go. So feel free to comment, good or bad. If you see mistakes, point them out.

The story centers around shapeshifting.

I’m currently working on chapter nine.

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