Microfiction – The Huckster

A huckster yelled out, “Get your mask now; the number of infections could be ten times higher in the coming months. Get your mask now. I have them in pretty colors.”

“What about the deaths—-what’s that number,” a young man yelled back from the ground.

Infections, my boy, did you not hear me? They are rising.”

“So what, the number dying is similar to the flu. Why didn’t you sell your mask then?”

The huckster grew frustrated because the crowd was starting to walk away.

“Now listen, my friends, this young man is putting you in danger. The infections, remember the infections they are rising.”

The crowd continued on its way, so the huckster, now worried, yelled out as loud as he could one last time, “This just in, a new strain of Covid is infecting people it may be more deadly than the last. Get your mask now before it’s too late. I have them in pretty colors.”

The crowd came running back, and the boy shook his head in disbelief.

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