Beta reader for post-apocalyptic novella

I have finished the second draft of a post-apocalyptic novella, and I am looking for volunteer Beta readers who would like to read the manuscript before I send it in for a final edit.

For those that do not know, beta readers are anyone who likes to read; in this case, apocalyptic fiction.

Betas review finished manuscripts before they’re published, providing the author with feedback from the reader’s point of view.

If you would like to be one of my beta readers, email me at –

I have provided a synopsis of the book below.


One by one, America’s great cities are falling due to a years-long volcanic winter, and the tourist town of Beech Mountain, NC, is no different. Its citizens, now desperate and fearful, are divided. Gone are the days when you could walk into a grocery store to buy what you need; money is useless. Food is the only thing of value, and it’s not for sale; people who have it intend to keep it, and those that don’t intend to take it away. It’s the only thing people think about anymore. To not have it is to die.

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