What is Zello, how do you use it

Zello is an app that emulates push-to-talk (PTT) walkie-talkies over cell phone networks. In other words, it turns your cell phone into a walkie-talkie while using it.

It is being used by people around the world as a direct messaging service that allows members to communicate freely, either privately with individuals or over open channels that can support hundreds of thousands of users.

It has been especially helpful to people trying to circumvent government censors in counties like Turkey and Venezuela.

Rescue workers are also turning to Zello to communicate with one another during disasters.

And groups like ANTS  http://americansnetworkingtosurvive.org and Preppernet.com have set up Zello channels for their members to communicate with each other during good times and bad.

In a nutshell, it’s the next best thing if you do not have your amateur radio (HAM) license.

Its Achilles heel is its dependence on the cell phone and internet coverage areas.

To sign up for Zello

Install the free Zello app from your App Store or Google Play store.

Create an account. You will need to choose a username at this time, and you will not be able to change your username after creating the account, so make sure your spelling is correct.

Add contacts. You can do this by entering your phone number and e-mail address to let the app automatically add them from your phone’s contact information. Or, you can add them manually by using the search function to find users by username, e-mail, or phone number.

And that’s it, your ready to go

Next, open the app and play around with it.

There are many things you can do with the app, but most people use it to join a channel they are interested in. Once you are on a channel, you are ready to talk.

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