The gray man theory, a fancy name for blending in

You can find long articles, books, and courses online that will teach you how to blend in when it all goes to hell, some free, some for a price. But the truth is most of us already blend in. Every day people buy trendy items to look like the cool kids. Even the supposedly individually minded prepper blends in at a survival expo wearing the latest survival clothing.

The real trick to the “Gray Man Theory” as it relates to preppers is to blend into unfamiliar high threat areas during a disaster in which you stand out. This will not be a problem in your home territory because people tend to live around people that act like themselves. But get caught outside that area, and everything changes. Get caught in a different part of the country, and it really changes. No matter how hard you try to blend in, your voice, mannerisms, and expressions will be noticeable to anyone from that area.

So what’s a prepper to do?

1 – Use your common sense
When dealing with others, trust your instinct. If you get a bad feeling about someone, avoid them at all costs; don’t make eye contact, don’t get anywhere near them.
2 – Don’t buy tactical clothing or backpacks
This is a no-no in my opinion unless you want to project that “I’m a badass, don’t fuck with me” look. A typical laptop backpack will blend in better in most places. People of all walks of life carry them, and will not suspect it to be a bug-out-bag.
3 – Dress in dull colors without logos if you can
The eye is drawn to bright colors and logos, so don’t wear them if you want to go unnoticed.

In the end, the goal of the “Gray Man Theory” is to get you home safely and maybe your best option for avoiding trouble along the way.

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