Tarp vs. tent, the great debate.

Tarp vs. tent, the subject of many survival debates, but I choose the tent, and here’s why.

The tarp can be used for many things, including shelter, but is always open to the environment.

The tent is good for one thing only, providing shelter from bugs and weather.

The tarp can be set up next to a fire for heat reflection.

The tent cannot be set up next to a fire, but who needs a fire if you have a good sleeping bag.

The tarp takes longer to set up, and you may need to cut wood for poles.

The tent sets up quickly and comes with poles.

The tarp is lightweight and small.

The tent weighs more and is slightly bigger due to poles, but not by much for what it offers.

The tarp is great for bushcrafting.

The tent is great for survival situations, in my opinion, because it offers the best weather protection.

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