Water storage, a lifesaver during disasters

Water storage can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to store a month’s worth per person. That’s one gallon per person, per day. Luckily we have options

Water Bottles

Bottled water is the first thing people buy when they start storing water, but it can take up a lot of space. The average 24 bottle case of water is roughly 15″ wide by 8″ tall and totals 3.16 gallons of water. You will need to buy 9.5 cases for one person. A family of four would need to buy 38 cases for a one-month water storage plan.

Water Jugs

Water jugs are an option that will take up less space. A family of four would need to buy twenty-four 5 gallon jugs for a one month plan.

Water Barrels

Barrels can store large amounts of water, and they come in many different sizes. For that reason, a family of four could buy three 50 gallon barrels for a one-month supply, or two 60 gallon barrels. Rain barrels could also be used, but the water in them would need to be filtered and purified before drinking.

Water Tanks

Water tanks are the best option for storing large amounts of water, and they are available in a variety of sizes as well. A family of four would need to buy one 120 gallon tank for a one month supply.

Swimming Pools

If you have an average size chlorinated swimming pool at your disposal, you can drink it in an emergency. The recommended chlorine levels in pools are 2 parts per million, and levels below 4 parts per million are safe to drink. The only problem with using this storage method comes from the algae and bacteria that grow in it before and after the power goes out. You will need to, filter, treat, and move that water into storage containers as soon as possible.

Natural Sources

You could reach your one-month goal by having a well, spring, lake, or creek on your property. The only problem with this method would come with some type of contamination or long-duration drought.

In Conclusion

If your space is limited, you will have to store less, so making yourself aware of all water sources in your area is smart.

The best way to keep your water clean is by using chlorine or water treatment drops. You can also treat your water with regular liquid bleach adding 8 drops (almost one-eighth U.S. teaspoon) of regular liquid bleach per one gallon of water to be treated.

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