Dystopia Rising – Day 1 – As Predicted

Daily blog: It’s January 7th. Dystopia Rising.

As I predicted, groups of rioters were used to discredit the protestors in Washington D.C., and the Republicans used it as an excuse to cave in.

The parties are one, and Biden was certified as planned.

They stole the election in front of our noses and laughed at us while doing it.

These rogue politicians have gained complete control of all three government branches. There are no checks and balances.

Today is Day One of our fall into full-blown socialism. Will Americans come together and right this ship. I’m doubtful. Too many are willing to give complete control of their families over to The Party.

Pray for America. Pray for the world. Dystopia is rising.

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Day Zero – The Censorship

Daily blog:┬áIt’s December 28th, and The Party, known from this time forward as Dempub, is in the process of rewriting history because books empower the people.

The Party’s problem: Books expose people to different opinions, concepts, history, and facts.

The Party’s Solution: Control what’s in the books through censorship and sensitivity edits.

The Party’s Goal: A One World Government.

Is this story real? You decide.

But I ask you. Do the words from the dystopian book Fahrenheit 452, published in 1953, in which special-interest groups and other “minorities” object to books that offend them; sound unfamiliar to you today?

In this novel, all books begin to look the same, as writers try to avoid offending anyone.

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