Hometown America – It’s All Fiction. Right?

The Dempub (Democrat-Republican Dino-Rino) Party told their Proles to go home and do as told.

“It’s 1984, and no fraud was committed,” they said.

“Nothing sketchy about using late-night tactics until we get the results we want,” they said.

“Now go back home before we sick our nine loyal attack dogs from Animal Farm on you,” they said.

Of course, there is no inner party, outer party, or proles because it’s all fiction. Right?

Dystopia Rising – Day 29 – The Purge

Daily blog: It’s February 4th, 2021, and The Purge is in full effect.

The Dempubs (Democrats/Republicans) are removing or allowing conservatives to be removed from government positions, something the mainstream media would have been outraged over had Trump did it to the left.

In the military, there is an attempt to do the same.

Where’s the outrage, people.

Our biggest threat as a nation will come from a military purged of the sons and daughters of true Americans who would never turn on the people.

The Dempub goal is clear, they want full control over your life. And your refusal to let them do so will be met with military force if you disobey.

One only needs to look back in history to see how this turns out if we allow them to continue down this path.

Day Zero – The Censorship

Daily blog:┬áIt’s December 28th, and The Party, known from this time forward as Dempub, is in the process of rewriting history because books empower the people.

The Party’s problem: Books expose people to different opinions, concepts, history, and facts.

The Party’s Solution: Control what’s in the books through censorship and sensitivity edits.

The Party’s Goal: A One World Government.

Is this story real? You decide.

But I ask you. Do the words from the dystopian book Fahrenheit 452, published in 1953, in which special-interest groups and other “minorities” object to books that offend them; sound unfamiliar to you today?

In this novel, all books begin to look the same, as writers try to avoid offending anyone.