Day Zero – Deflection

Daily blog: It’s December 11th, and the media is focusing attention on Hunter Biden; one would assume to deflect attention away from the 2020 election fraud evidence. And the Chinese spy imbedded with a democrat representative who sits on the intelligent committee. I say assume because they should have been covering Hunter and his corrupt dad months ago.

Remember when there was nothing to see there?

In the end, however, The Big Breaking News Story of 2020 will not be of others. It will be of the news media itself and the shame they have brought on their profession.

“Traditional journalism, where reporters deliver information in a balanced and unbiased fashion, is rapidly fading into obscurity. This is especially evident on television where high profile reporters become bigger than the story, delivering news with large dollops of personality and wit – almost as if they are actors.” 

― Lance Morcan, The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy

Day Zero is a daily blog of life between November 7, 2020 and January 6th, 2021.
Dystopia Rising is a a daily blog of life after January 6th, 2021.

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