Dystopia Rising – Day 57 – RINO

Daily blog: It’s March 4th, 2021.

Let’s see, when the Republicans had power, they were unable to create a bill to protect our votes, which allowed the Democrats to steal the election with late-night mail drops.

The Democrats, however, in the first few months of power, have been able to create an election reform bill that will allow them to do it legally next time.

Looks like the real enemy’s name within the Dempub party is RINO.

“God hath given you one face, and you make yourself another.” 
― Shakespeare, Hamlet

Day Zero – Family Debates

Daily blog: It’s December 17th, and today my thoughts are on a movie I saw years back about the Civil War. In it, a family gathered around the dinner table, debating over whether or not there would be a civil war, some laughing at the thought of it.

This Christmas, many families will gather around their tables and debate the same thing.

I believe most will never unite under what they consider to be a fraudulent election; both sides of the coin know this.

So, on January 6th, it will be up to our representatives to challenge the certification of Electoral College votes and hash it out for all to see.

If they refuse, the people will see it as a betrayal, and we may very well be heading into a world without the rule of law.