Hometown America – It’s All Fiction. Right?

The Dempub (Democrat-Republican Dino-Rino) Party told their Proles to go home and do as told.

“It’s 1984, and no fraud was committed,” they said.

“Nothing sketchy about using late-night tactics until we get the results we want,” they said.

“Now go back home before we sick our nine loyal attack dogs from Animal Farm on you,” they said.

Of course, there is no inner party, outer party, or proles because it’s all fiction. Right?

Day Zero – Conspiracy Theory

Daily blog: It’s November 27th, and you are a conspiracy theorist if you do not believe the approved narrative pushed out by the news and social networks.

To question them with a theory void of facts is–well, socialist blasphemy. How dare you lowly Proles think for yourself. To do so makes you a conspiracist. But have no fear; they are working on interventions to help you reduce conspiracy beliefs, including maintaining an open society and improving the general public’s analytical thinking skills.

However, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a theory can be:

aa hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation

ban unproved assumptionCONJECTURE

So why are they afraid of you? Why do forum moderators, social fact-checkers, and the like feel the need to protect the public from your thoughts?

Simple, because all too often, those theories of yours become facts; for example:

The Deep State: was called a conspiracy theory.

An RFID chip in your arm was called a conspiracy theory.

A Social Credit System for individuals: was called a conspiracy theory.

A facial recognition system to track your movements was called a conspiracy theory.

And a cashless society was once called a conspiracy theory.

I could go on, but to do so will get me labeled a conspiracy theorist. And I must not think for myself.

“It is the rare fortune of these days that one may think what one likes and say what one thinks.”

― Tacitus, Histories of Tacitus