Dystopia Rising – Day 72 – That Feeling

Daily blog: It’s March 19th, 2021, and as long as you stay offline, no television, no radio, no internet—life is good, except for that funny feeling in your stomach, telling you to prepare.

Prepare for what you say?

Higher gas prices

Higher taxes

Higher unemployment

More illegal border crossing

More lies

More debt

Threats of war by foreign countries

Threats of violence in our streets

Threats from representatives who want our guns

Loss of protection from our police

Loss of justice from our judges

Loss of freedom at our own hands.

Yep, that funny feeling in your stomach, telling you to wake the F$%k up. This is not a dream. Your kid’s future is at stake.

Dystopia Rising – Day 51 – Rainy Days

Daily blog: It’s February 26th, 2021, and you can work from home, they say.

Well, I’ve got news for online workers. If the internet was turned off tomorrow, life would go on as it did in the past.

On the other hand, if people who can not work from home decided to stay home, it would not.

So you damn well better prepare for a day when staying home is not an option—for a day when you actually have to take care of yourself.

“Daddy always seemed to be preparing for rainy days. Maybe that’s why they never came.” 

― Clarence Thomas, My Grandfather’s Son