Dystopia Rising – Day 62 – Different

Daily blog: It’s March 9th, 2021, and women are different from men. You can say they are not, but you know it’s true. The human race could not exist otherwise.

Men and women have specialized talents, each equal in importance.

And for the life of me, I cannot understand why a woman would see herself less than a man, or a man see himself more important than a woman.

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Day Zero – It’s In Your Closet

Daily blog: It’s December 9th, and any man or woman who destroys their family to combat a virus is a fool. Stay home to avoid it, and your family loses everything. Keep working to provide for them, and you have a chance. It’s that simple.

And yet, many Americans are allowing their governors to make that decision for them. “You stay home, you go to work. That business stays open, your’s must close.” And on and on it goes. 

So why is this happening?

Because most Americans these days seemed to be neither man nor woman. Acting more like frightened children who’ve been told the boogeyman lives in their closet.

“It’s been quite a while since I was really afraid that there was a boogeyman in my closet, although I am still very careful to keep my feet under the covers when I go to sleep because the covers are magic, and if your feet are covered, it’s like boogeyman Kryptonite.” – Steven King.

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