Hometown America – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

I really wish these headlines were not true.

Biden admin touts 137 million deal for COVID test strip factory the company says it will take three years to build.

Now we all know the test strips will be useless when the building is finished, forcing them into bankruptcy, leaving the American people on the hook for 137 million.

IRS says income from stolen goods and illegal activities must be reported on taxes.

I’m still laughing over this one. At least those people in California who have been robbing stores blind will have to pay taxes on the stolen goods they’ve been taking due to a law that says they will not be arrested as long as the total stolen is not over 900 dollars.

Government and criminals win; stores lose. Gotta love America these days.

Hometown America – Insane

June 19th, 2021

If your hometown is San Francisco, you have to replace your representatives. They are allowing criminals to destroy your businesses and putting your family in harm’s way.

Shoplifters are being allowed to ride thru stores on bikes while filling up garbage bags full of stolen items.

And it will not stop unless you hold reps accountable for the chaos they are creating.

Shoplifters Rule The Roost At Big City Stores – Fox News