Dystopia Rising – Day 27 – Flip The Script

Daily blog: It’s February 2st, 2021, and Saturday Night Live, a comedy sketch show, has shown its true colors. After years of mocking the United States of America’s president, they seem unwilling to do so now.

Their support for the socialist party of American known as the democrat party is on full display. It appears they are afraid to reach into a treasure trove of comedy that could be used to mock the new president, but so far, they have not.

So turn it off, America, turn it all off. These hypocritical shows are not worth watching anymore.

Welcome to Build Back Better Land, but don’t make fun of the regime, or you might get SJW canceled, which appears to be what SNL is tiring to avoid.

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Dystopia Rising – Day 25 – BUILD BACK BETTER LAND

I saw a quote this morning that read:

“If America is to prosper, it must forget about pursuing the global dominance it once held and accept the world has changed.”

First off, American is one of many countries, and we have never sought world dominance; that’s the goal of socialist/communist elitist.

And that is the real goal of this quote. Globalists need Americans to give up and accept their change in order to build a BUILD BACK BETTER WORLD in which they alone control.

Sorry assholes, it’s not happening.

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Dystopia Rising – Day 17 – Crushing It

Daily blog: It’s January 23nd, 2021, and I thought The Party would stop tearing down the economy for a while. Boy, was I wrong, Biden is crushing it.

Gas prices are going up.

Lazy people can now quit their jobs and receive unemployment benefits.

New government regulations are putting a damper on businesses.

And old hair sniffing Joe has signed an order allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports. And—they can change in the same bathrooms. Now, what little hair sniffing boy doesn’t like that.

Sorry, that last one had nothing to do with the economy; it’s was just a creepy Joe move.

Anyway, welcome to the land of anything goes except freedom and morality.

No silly, not Sodom and Gomorrah, you’re in Build Back Better Land.

Having fun yet?

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