Dystopia Rising – Day 89 – The Collective

Daily blog: It’s April 5th, 2021, and I skipped yesterday’s daily blog in an attempt to forget the nonsense taking place in Washington. It did not work.

Today I see the Dempub party wants to turn us into a collective they alone control.

Seems crazy, right? Nope, they’re trying to pull one over on you with their PRO Act which would take away your right to work for yourself on any of their proposed infrastructure projects.

Yep, you will have to become an employee of a corporation to get those jobs. And you will have to join a union too. You know, because today’s unions are for the people, right? And I thought the Dems hated big corporations?

Oh, and I just about forgot. Our old friend Soros is pumping 20 million into a progressive campaign rally to push Biden’s infrastructure proposal. That must mean it’s good for us

Resistance is futile,” uttered the evil robotic aliens in Star Trek’s: The Next Generation.

How long before we get turned into Borgs