Day Zero – The Machine

Daily blog: It’s January 1st, 2021, and the biggest threat to America is its citizens. The majority are unable to take care of themselves.

Many have chosen to live in large cities, machines that feed on money, not skills.

The surrounding areas are not much better, and small farms in the country are disappearing as life can be challenging there. And sadly, most Americans are not up for the task.

We have grown weak, and it shows with the cries for socialism growing stronger each day. Cries of a people willing to sell out their kid’s future for another check from good ole Uncle Sam.

But we can correct our course if we take action now.

Learn how to take care of yourself, for the day will come when the machine breaks.

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Day Zero – 2021 Is Yours To Ruin

Daily blog: It’s December 30th, and New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. So let’s look back at 2020. The year Americans got punk’d. It was hilarious, wasn’t it?

It all started when China leaked videos to scare us. You remember, those big fog trucks spraying the streets while people were locked in their homes. One thing’s for sure, those commies are a cruel bunch when it comes to propaganda.

Back at home, it was just getting started, but all we had to do was obey for three weeks to flatten some fake ass curve they came up with. And we did it—-But Fauci and Brix had a different tale to spin, so the bullshit continued.

Then the media outlets cranked things up with their overrun hospital articles. And who could forget those empty trailers brought in for the gazillion dead people?

And those medical masks. At first, they showed you how to put them on and off safely, so as not to touch them, because, you know, the virus can live on objects for weeks.

But who needed the truth? It was 2020, and there was money to be made, so all of a sudden, pretty cloth masks would do.

But there was more; our governors started telling us when we could and could not go out, and people began to get upset about that. So our representatives decided to give us 1200 dollars of our tax money back. But not before giving themselves a hefty $45,000 raise. Those guys and gals are funny little clowns, aren’t they?

Oh gosh, I could go on talking, but the laughter is starting to wear off as I think of all the people who committed suicide this year over a virus no more deadly than the flu.

Are we going to allow this to continue America?

It all up to you? So take your head out of your ass for a moment and have a look around. 2021 is yours to ruin.

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