Hometown America – Maricopa County

Daily blog: It’s May 16th, 2021.

If your hometown lies within Maricopa County in Arizona, you probably already know how corrupt it was during the 2020 election. After all, the county’s entire voter database was deleted.

This is big news and should spell trouble for those involved, yet the news barely reports on the story.

Additionally, seals were broken on the boxes that hold votes, and ballots are missing forcing the Attorney General of Arizona to look into this unbelievable Election crime. And many Dempubs (Democrats and RINO Republicans) are very worried about the fact that this has been exposed.

Think about it, the deletion of an entire Database and critical election files of Maricopa County is an unprecedented action. And the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 should be one of the biggest stories of our time, but it’s not. Why?

My guess is they don’t care about their kid’s future. But I do, and I think you do too.

Dystopia Rising – Day 85 – April Fools

Daily blog: It’s April 1st, 2021, and I wish someone would say, “April Fools. It was all a joke, the Dempubs did not steal an election.” But sadly, they will not, and these crazy headlines prove it.

NBC’s Lester Holt says we don’t need to hear both sides to define truth: ‘Fairness is overrated.”

Now that’s some dystopian doublespeak going on there for sure.

Foster Family evicted to house illegal immigrant’s

I guess the Dempubs are running out of free hotel rooms to put them in.

Los Angeles top prosecutor to erase gang unit, sources say

Those pesky officers must have been throwing a wrench into the “Chaos Plan To Destroy America.”

Border patrol agent shows smugglers abandon 5-year-old, 3-year-old at the border.

Where are all those caring parents the Dempubs like to take photos with?

And finally, Kamala Harris, you know the one Mr. Big put in charge of the border crisis.

She has gone 8 days without a press conference.

I wonder why?

Mr. Big (Unknown elitist, male or female, running the country in secret)

Dystopia Rising – Day 79 – Are We Stupid

Daily blog: It’s March 26th, 2021, and it will not be long before Biden is removed from office as planned.

Yep, the Dempubs thought of it all:

Use Biden to get moderate voters – Check

Use virus to send out universal mail-ballots – Check

Harvest ballots to steal the election – Check

Have Biden removed from office due to his mental state

Have Harris become president

Move Pelosi in as VP

Steamroll the American people, take their guns, and rule for the forcible future.

If they pull this off, George Carlin was right.

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” 

Dystopia Rising – Day 73 – Blisters

Daily blog: It’s March 20th, 2021, and you need to ask your state representatives if they’ve passed a bill making universal mail-in ballots illegal. If not, ask why?

We can not allow our votes to be canceled out again.

Some say it will be fine, Nancy is already worried about the 2022 election, and I say she is not. She has no reason to be as long as the Dempubs keep Univeral mail-in ballot harvesting alive and well.

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.” 

― Abraham Lincoln

Dystopia Rising – Day 63 – Those People

Daily blog: It’s March 10th, 2021, and the “For The People” bill set to be voted for in the House takes the constitutional rights to regulate voting away from the states and puts those decisions in the hands of congress.

That’s right folks, the same people who stole the 2020 election want complete and total control over how you’re allowed to vote. Now there’s a shocker.

Yes, the same people who put Basement Joe in the White House.

The same people who hand-picked Harris to be VP.

The same people who have her talking to foreign leaders because, you know, old Joe can’t remember where he is half the time.

The same people destroying the economy

And the same people causing a new illegal migrant crisis at the border.

Yes, those people. The ones the propaganda news networks want you to believe all of America voted for.

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” 
― H.L. Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe

Day Zero is a daily blog of life between November 7, 2020 and January 6th, 2021.
Dystopia Rising is a a daily blog of life after January 6th, 2021.

Dystopia Rising – Day 61 – Misfits

Daily blog: It’s March 8th, 2021, and the big story today is about the royal’s misfit children.

Yes, it’s in all the headlines, and the left wants to thank Oprah for covering England’s problems so thoroughly.

Too bad she can’t find time to interview our own little misfit about his laptop and China dealings.

I guess it really doesn’t matter; the laws are for you, not the elite who stole your vote in 2020.

Dystopia Rising – Day 57 – RINO

Daily blog: It’s March 4th, 2021.

Let’s see, when the Republicans had power, they were unable to create a bill to protect our votes, which allowed the Democrats to steal the election with late-night mail drops.

The Democrats, however, in the first few months of power, have been able to create an election reform bill that will allow them to do it legally next time.

Looks like the real enemy’s name within the Dempub party is RINO.

“God hath given you one face, and you make yourself another.” 
― Shakespeare, Hamlet

Dystopia Rising – Day 32 – Fox Is In The Henhouse

Daily blog: It’s February 7th, 2021, and the Fox News Network, which claims it is not part of the mainstream media propaganda machine, has canceled another conservative show.

The “Lou Dobbs Tonight” program was popular, so why would they do such a thing with their ratings tail spinning out of control as viewers switch to Newsmax?

Nothing makes sense anymore.

We have a man and his son running around the Whitehouse even though the FBI has a laptop proving they had under the table dealings with China.

We have a senator out of California who runs the country.

And we have republicans looking the other way even though there is video proof of a stolen election.

Dystopia Rising – Day 28 – Promises

Daily blog: It’s February 3rd, 2021, and old man Kerry, another lifetime political hack appointed by Biden to be our “Climate Czar,” took a private jet to Iceland to pick up an Arctic Circle award for climate leadership. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Kerry is just one of many old players back in the game—way to go, young people; you got played.

And for all you union workers, like those in the International Association of Firefighters, who supported Biden, I ask. What happened to the brotherhood? Oil and gas workers just lost their jobs because of a man you elected. How long before they cut some of your positions.

“Promises Made, Promises Broken” will be the legacy of the regime you helped to steal an election.

“Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad.” 
― Henry Kissinger

Dystopia Rising – Day 4 – Hung Out To Dry

Daily blog: It’s January 10th, and the unrest we see in America lies squarely at the feet of the Supreme Court Justices. Had these men and women took time to hear the election fraud case, they could have given a legal explanation for or against it, which would have satisfied the people.

So we must ask ourselves why—why are they sitting silently on this matter?

Are they being blackmailed?

Has a super race of aliens taken over their minds?

Is an asteroid about to hit the planet, so why bother?

Members of a secret society?

Did bigfoot tell them not to do it?



To busy playing thug life?

Secret military plan to save the world.

Not enough money in the treasury to make it worth their time.

No, wait, I’ve got it. Super-Volcanoes are about to explode, sending the earth into a years-long volcanic winter. So the United States of America has activated its Last Hope survival plan, sending them all to the government’s underground bunkers.

Yeah, that’s it—that’s why they hung us all out to dry.