Every Yard Is A Grave – A Post-Apocalyptic Novella

It happened. Yellowstone erupted, and the remaining families of Beech Mountain, North Carolina, are trying to survive a years-long volcanic winter and are almost out of food. Gone are the days when you could walk into a grocery store to buy what you need; money is useless. Food is the only thing of value, and it’s not for sale; people who have it intend to keep it, and those that don’t intend to take it away. It’s the only thing people think about anymore. To not have it is to die.

Making his way back up the mountain, Tyler Moore mumbled to himself, “Nothings going to happen, don’t worry, it’s impossible, they reported. Yeah, right, CNN, welcome to impossible; those online stories were not that crazy after all.” Stories with headlines like The Coming Super Eruptions and The Toba Event Times Two were all over the internet. Most people ignored them, but not Tyler, his gut was telling him to do something, and he did. Two years earlier, he secretly built an underground bunker on a vacant piece of property he owned, about a half-mile from his rental house. And to his credit, it was stocked with a year’s worth of food, water, and other supplies. But it was not nearly enough, for it is now late summer, one and a half years after the super-eruptions, and the Moores are running out of time.