Day Zero – Tension Is In The Air

Daily blog: It’s December 27th. If the 2020 election fraud was reversed, Democrats would have had their day in the Supreme court. And fraudulent votes would have been thrown out.

But here we are, and the tension is building. Americans see this as unfair play, and it is. Laws were broken at all levels of government, and no one is being held accountable.

Every American should descend on Washington this January 6th to remind our representatives of their service status; they are not rulers.

If they decide to go rogue all power reverts back to the people.

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Day Zero – Call Me Crazy

Daily blog: It’s December 26th, and we are living a conspiracy theory.

Last year, if I told you, we would be living in a draconian world due to a virus with a similar kill rate as the common flu. You would have called me crazy.

If I told you, some Americans would be forced to stay home while others were forced to work….

If I told you, big corporations would be allowed to stay open while small businesses were not….

If I told you, schools would be shut down, depriving your kids of a whole year of learning….

If I told you, our roaring economy would be brought down by a submissive citizenry….

If I told you, governors would break laws and rule as little kings. Forcing you to do one thing while they did another….

If I told you, all three government branches would be overrun with corruption to the point a fraudulent election could be won….

If I told you, people would be clamoring for a vaccine in which there was no time for serious testing….

If I told you, China would successfully deploy a biological attack against America designed to destroy our economy.


Conspiracy theories are just that, theories. But it does not mean you should completely ignore them.

If you hear one, look to see how hard others try to suppress it; let that be your meter. Because nobody gives two shits about a false one.

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Day Zero – 1776

Daily blog: It’s December 25, 1776, and you’re standing on the banks of the Delaware River with 2,399 other badasses getting ready to cross its frozen waters in one night, directly into a severe winter storm of sleet and snow.

As you row, your boat has to combat ice jams, and to make matters worse, the extreme darkness caused by the storm is making it hard to see the opposite shore.

Once across, you reassemble and march ten miles to Trenton and attack the Hessian garrison right before dawn, where you secure the Continental Army’s first major military victory.

Had you failed, we would have no freedom.

I wish you here with us this Christmas day, 2020, for we are under attack, and most of America is sleeping, like the Hessians on a cold winter’s morning. 

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Day Zero – One Party System

Daily blog: It’s December 23rd, and our one-party system is rearing its ugly head.

The Democrat and Republican parties have been working together for years. They are a single party.

This will be on full display, January 6th, when they meet to certify the electoral votes.

It’s going to go down like this:

1 – The votes will be challenged to try and appease the masses.

2 – They will debate the evidence and find proof of election fraud, but it will not matter.

3 – They will vote. And even though Republicans could win, using common sense negotiations between state representatives, they will not. Because representatives no longer represent States as they should, only the party. A party of one.

Afterward, the talking heads will go on TV and say, “We fought the good fight. But don’t give up; we’ll get ’em next time if you just give us a little more money.”

And my warning to them is this. Fail to challenge and win the vote, and you will no longer be seen as separate by a majority of Americans.

And you will no longer be able to use the line, “If you vote for a third party, you will split the vote giving the other side a win.” Because there will be no other side.

This, in turn, will give rise to a real second party to challenge your power. And I hope it kicks your sorry asses all the way to hell and back.

Maybe I’m wrong; we will see on January 6th, 2020. I will be there to report back as it happens.

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Day Zero – Relief

Daily blog: It’s December 21st, and all hail Pelosi. After six months of refusals, meant to hurt her arch-enemy Orange Man, she finally signed off on a relief bill.

If passed, this new bill will take 900 billion of your hard earn dollars and give each of you a whopping 600 dollars. Hallelujah, the Wicked Witch of The West will have saved us all.

Her flying monkeys will be set free to distribute the rest of your tax money to elitist business owners.

In turn, they will be able to give kickbacks to their obedient political minions and Deep State operatives.

And we can be grateful for them all, for it is they who will be in control of our lives from this point on.

So memorize it now, friends of socialism, “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.”– George Orwell, from his book Animal Farm.

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Day Zero – Weakness

Daily blog: It’s December 20th, and the Globalists continue their attacks.

In China, they are collecting DNA to create biological weapons that target specific groups.

In Britain, leaders are switching over to a new strain of covid to scare people, as citizens have grown tired of the old.

And in America, this new strain of Plandemicing will soon be on full display as we head into 2021.

We have shown weakness, and they intend to use it against us.

So prepare yourself to fight back.

“People with weaknesses get killed by the people who lack them.” — Author Shrrilyn Kennyon

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Day Zero – Two Halves of A Body

Daily blog: It’s December 19th, and two halves of a body cannot move forward if it does not work together, nor can a nation.

As one leg moves, the other drags behind—the lame leg choosing to starve by the roadside.

“But look,” it cries out. “President Harris has a wheelchair; just sit down and obey.”

But the right leg refuses.

“Please sit down,” the left demands again, “you are putting us all at risk. Let the doctors wrap you too. The socialists have prepared a safe place for us all.” 

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Day Zero – Enough Already

Daily blog: It’s December 18th, and California’s governor could have his emergency powers taken away by a bill issued Wednesday. And to think, it only took 287 days of political BS for a California representative to say enough already.

Will they pass it? Who knows, but seeing as how they don’t even know what type of government they have, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

In a comment, Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham said, “It’s time to restore California to a Constitutional Democracy.”

There is only one problem with that. We are not a democracy. But politicians keep saying it anyway, hoping one day we will forget and pledge, “and to the Democracy for which it stands.”

Wake up, America, and save our history so your kids won’t grow up to be a bunch of controllable dumbasses. Oh wait, it may already be too late for that.

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