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Hometown America – Divide and Conquer

July 15th, 2021

Fox reported the NFL 2021 season will include a Black National Anthem. Are you serious? This is racist. And an insult to people of any color. We are all Americans, and our National Anthem belongs to all of us. What’s next? Do we return to the days of black-only and white-only sports? Do we dishonor MLK, who wanted us all to be treated the same? What about Asians, Latinos, Native Americans? Why just a Back national anthem?

If you are a sports fan and you put up with this, you are a fool. And have chosen a damn game over your country. This BS has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with the continued divide and conquer plan being used by American Marxists.

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Hometown America – Lawbreakers Lawmakers

July 13th, 2021

In Texas, some representatives have fled the state a second time to avoid voting. Governor Abbot says they will be arrested and brought to the capital to fulfill their duties to the citizens of this great state when they return. And I say amen to that.

It is about time these childish politicians grow up and act like adults. Our country is in chaos because people like them no longer follow the law and pitch a fit whenever things don’t go their way within the law.

Had this been done by the other side, the media would blast them for their actions, but sadly they will not because of political beliefs.

Hometown American, we must come together legally to rid ourselves of these corrupt representatives.

We can no longer allow ourselves to be represented by lawbreaker lawmakers.

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