Where is our dignity? A look at today’s headlines show nothing but poor morality and corruption. Our large cities are festering while we sit by and do nothing as if someone else is going to fix the problem. Make no mistake, America’s track lies solely at the feet of We The People.

3 thoughts on “Dignity

  1. How? How does this lie at the feet of the people? We voted. We showed up. The presidential election was rigged. Trump won. Statistical improbability that joe even got 70 million votes. I’m not gonna be blamed anymore for not having done enough. Beyond outright shooting the bastids, there is nothing else that can be done.

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    1. The people as a whole have stood by and done nothing. They have not united against poorly run school districts. They have not unified against porn being freely available to their kids on the internet. And so on and so on.

      Like you, I am frustrated. All we can do is push forward and try to get the others to see.

      Thanks for your reply. United We Stand Divided We Fall.


      1. What I know for sure is that we will never vote our way out of this.

        I’ve put all of my frustration and anger aside after I got back from DC in Jan 2021, and have since been on strike. I’ve decided to stop participating in everything.

        That is my way of throwing a wrench in the wheels of the machine that seems to control us.

        I will never ever again fill out another voter card or see the inside of a poll place.

        I’ll be damned before I keep participating in a system that is rigged against the people to begin with. I refuse to acknowledge and validate said system any longer.

        Otherwise I would just lay down bricks to a road being built by me and every other person, for the sole purpose of said machine to run me over from behind.

        THEY don’t get my willful submissive participation any longer.


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