Hometown America – Trucking

July 11th, 2021

Could it be the Dempubs want to destroy small independent business owners to help their corporate donors gain a stranglehold on all facets of our lives?

It looks like it, but you decide after watching this video about the trucking industry.

Is he wrong?

One thought on “Hometown America – Trucking

  1. Points I find applicable to this post.

    The owner operators that this video is lamenting over are only those that wish to be totally independent, much like the retired owner of a 15 year old Lincoln 4 door sedan who slaps a magnetic TAXI sign on the door, hauling fares around only if he wishes to get out of bed that morning.

    Yes, the Trucking industry is changing.

    Government regulation is rearing it’s ugly head, driving up costs with a lot of new controls.

    However, the Trucking Industry is forecast to grow in tonnage hauled, from year to year.

    Owner Operators who give up their independent status and tie up with larger name brand carriers (who cover the cost of these new regulations as well as require drug tests), or major carriers who provide everything but the foot on the company provided Clutch, still make a decent living, albeit still with the industry requirement for long hours away from home.

    The good side of all this is that you no longer need to worry about independent drivers who pop pills to stay awake, or consume other drugs/alcohol, trying to earn a few more dollars.

    During the last years of a long career of commuting 60+ miles a day on our interstates, I feel safe in saying that most of the rigs I saw swaying from one lane to another, are unmarked cabs, likely driven by a independent who is trying to earn a living, but potentially at the expense of Mommy and her three children in the car next to him who just got forced off the road.

    Currently, the Trucking Industry is stuggling with an aging work force, and the growing number of job openings are going unfilled.

    The youth of today do not wish to work that hard, despite rising commisions and/or salaries.

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