Hometown America – St Louis

Daily blog: It’s May 23nd, 2021.

If you live in St Louis, You might want to consider replacing your mayor, who wants to defund the police at a time when your hometown has the highest murder rate in the country. And no amount of propaganda TV can sugar coat those numbers.

You have a great city, so make it happen. Your family’s life may very well depend on your action or inaction in this matter.

One thought on “Hometown America – St Louis

  1. Police in these “defund the police” areas need to grow some serious gonads, and begin to stand down, looking the other way whenever evil rears its ugly head.

    Particularly so, when they are tasked with protecting these dumber than dumb politicians who rule over them.

    Let the body count climb as it will.

    Cemetery workers need to earn a living, too, ya know.


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