Hometown America – Racism

Daily blog: It’s May 19th, 2021.

Does your town have a racist mayor? Chicago does. Mayor Lori Lightfoot refuses to be interviewed by white reporters.

This kind of BS is what brave men and women across this country have been fighting against. She must have forgotten MLK’s speech.

Can you imagine the outcry had a white mayor refused to be interviewed by black reporters?

I have had enough of this judging people by their color.

To me, it looks like Lightfoot has no trouble with racism as long as she is the one being racist. 

One thought on “Hometown America – Racism

  1. I’m not a Racist……I’m a Stupidist.

    I don’t like stupid people.

    And the Mayor of Chicago is indeed stupid.

    Stupid people elect stupid people.

    (Like Democrats are prone to do).


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